Bustin Caps


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LIMITED EDITION - Signed & Number 1-50
TITLE - Bustin Caps
SIZE - 22 X 17
Archival Paper 100% cotton - Matte Finish
365 GSM

Inspiration for “Bustin Caps”

Comes from collecting nozzles from random brands of spray paint when i was a kid growing up in the 80’s to the present day, shapes, color, and detail of each nozzle. Each nozzle creates a different spray width.

Also what i found amazing is that some writers customized their own nozzle to mix colors, create effects, and techniques . Its been over four decades that I've been painting and traveling. Writers from all over the world have been pushing culture forward to excellence using a spray can. Who would have thought when a spray can was made, it was to paint bicycles and lawn chairs? Today writers have developed there own brands of spray paint (Montana Cans) for anyone be creative.

We are living in the biggest public art moment in history and it is happening all over the world.
It is truly amazing that all this is happening with cans of paint moving truth a nozzle.



Image of Bustin Caps Image of Bustin Caps